Anna and David


Anna Ohlin

Anna was born in 1989 in Lund in Sweden where she grew up with her parents and little brother. After high school, Anna moved to Ghana to work as a volunteer for nine months in Accra. During this period of time Anna fell in love with Africa and decided to become a Civil Engineer to some day go back and work with water and sanitation. Before starting her studies at Chalmers University of Technology, Anna explored one of her other passions and studied acting for one year at a community collage.

During Anna’s Master’s studies she was an exchange student for two semesters in Taiwan, did an internship at UN Water in Spain and her thesis at a water reclamation plant in South Africa. Before this trip, Anna worked with municipal water, sewage and storm water systems in construction projects at the department for sustainable waste and water in the city of Gothenburg. Anna loves travelling, but this is her first trip this long and adventerous.

Why are you making this trip?
For the adventure, to get more experience of Africa, to learn French and to spend more quality time with David.

What are you most excited about?
To meet new adventures every day and enjoy the sense of total freedom. I am also excited about living an active outdoor lifestyle and to see how this will affect me compared to working in an office.

What do you think the biggest challenges will be?
I believe that the most difficult part of this trip is to get started. Handling the anxiety and thoughts about what might happen is more difficult than the practical problems we will encounter while cycling.

David Saletti

David was born in 1989 in Norrköping in Sweden and grew up at the country side with his parents and little sister. After finishing his Bachelors in Engineering Physics at Chalmers University of Technology, David moved to Norway to work in Bergen. After a year in Norway, David then backpacked around the world. For nine months he traveled through Europe, Asia, Australia, Central America and Southern Africa trying out hitchhiking, camping, couch surfing, diving and some cycling.

David did his Master’s thesis in Paris for a year and after graduation he decided to cross his first continent by bike. In three months time, David cycled from Norrköping to Istanbul and found out that this is the best way of travel. Before starting this trip, David was a consultant working as an Intergration Engineer at Volvo Penta in Gothenburg.

Why are you making this trip?
The constant longing for adventure and curiosity of seeing what’s behind the next hill. To learn more about the countries that we hear so little about in the news. To show the world that Africa is not more dangerous than any other continent.

What are you most excited about?
Lush jungles in the Congo, vast deserts in Sahara, colorful fruit markets and the total freedom to go wherever we want.

What do you think the biggest challenge will be?
To get all the necessary visas along the way, the lack of privacy in the more crowded countries and keeping our hygiene decent when showers are few and far between.